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Product Name: Led panel light 600X600mm

1. Modern Acrylic Led Panel Light 600*600mm
2. Easy Fixed with modern design
3. Eyes confortable and green lightings

Item:Modern PC Led Panel Light 600*600mm



1. Energy-efficient, environment-friendly 


2. No glare, no noise, no UV

3. Ultra slim and fashionable design

4. Maintenance free,easy installation

5. No maintenance for the life of unit, apart from cleaning

6. Remote-control dimming available

7. Solid-state,high shock/vibration resistant

8. No fluorescent flickering

9. No danger of broken glass

10.Long lifetime,50,000+hrs(5+years)


LED Panel Light Applications

1. Commercial and exhibition locations

2. Hotel, conference room

3. Factory, office, house

4. Airport, metro station

5. School, hospital and other public places

6. Place that require energy-efficiency and high color rendering index


Application Effect:

.jpg 4.jpg




LED Panel Lights Size:

300*300mm             600*1200mm         1200*300mm  

 Size  Round or Square
 Weight  3.5kg (different size different weight)
 Full-width voltage(V)  85V-260V
 Color  red, blue, green, purple, white, warm white, yellow
 Color Temp  2500k-8500k
 Illumination  about 3000lux




 Power  50 W
 Operating Temp  -40~50°C
 Life span  100,000 Hours
 Certificate   CE, ROHS

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