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Product Name: 70W led street light

1. Weight: Led lamp with shell body / silicone loop / 70W weight 7.2 KG
2. Beautiful appearance: The streamlined design, shell color can be produced as required, die casting lamp body is made from the aluminum surface of the light with environmentally friendly powder coating, so that the lamps have good self-cleaning. Light body can adjust angle of the modified nano-carbon 6063 aluminum, not only to solve the high-power LED thermal problems, and can adjust the light of the opening angle of illumination to solve the problem from different poles
3. Versatility; peanuts lens / peanuts 3 2 aspheric optical design common shell, peanut shell with high-quality glass lens with good light transmission and high transmittance, anti- dust, waterproof, full stainless steel compact pieces, lamp fluorocarbon spraying the surface with environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.
4. Aerospace industry cooling technology: LED street light intermediate cooling housing 6063 using the modified nano-carbon formed anodized aluminum, the original material can be 265 thermal conductivity, increased by 5% to 278. Unique chimney effect of heat, the higher the temperature, the more cooling airflow fast.
5. Patent: using three anti-light design, to solve the North dust large, anti-freeze in winter and reduce the drag torque, truly dustproof, waterproof, anti-wind. 6. Non-electrolytic capacitor patent DC power supply AC switch, using 350mA constant current driver, direct external 110-270V AC power supply, can be connected with solar power, upon request, very suitable for highway, residential, gardens, squares and other occasions lighting.
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